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  • EXCITING NEWS!! New service of Equine Spinal Manipulation.  Dr. Crawford is currently enrolled in the Veterinary Medical Manipulation course offered by the Integrative Veterinary Medical Institute.  This rigorous course of 119 continuing education hours will allow Dr. Crawford to begin offering spinal manipulation exam and adjustment (often referred to as "equine chiropractics").  This will be an excellent tool in diagnosing, treating and maintaining your equine athletes and pets.  Check back for additional information.


  • Have your horses' meds delivered right to your door!  We're now offering convenient online prescriptions and refills, including auto ship options for those long term prescriptions like Prascend.  Also offering Adequan injectable at very competitive pricing, especially with the email offer coupons.  If you would like to provide your email address to receive coupons for our pharmacy please use the Contact Us page and we'll add you to the list.  
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Click the picture/button to left or the "Pharmacy" tab on the navigation bar to access the easy to use site. 

  • 2018 New policy: A 3% credit transaction fee will apply to all invoices paid by one time credit card transaction.  This fee will be waived for all accounts with a card on file for monthly purchases.  Alternatively you may pay by cash or check to avoid the transaction fee.                     
  • Many of you know that I lost my dear horse Romeo in March of 2017.  We had been sharing adventures for 21 years.   He was larger than life personality and truly a family member.  If you've ever had a special heart horse like this you know that the absence leaves quite a void.  I've been thinking about the proper way to honor his memory, and have decided to establish "Romeo's Angel Fund".  This angel fund will be set aside for use by Four Star Equine clients whose horses are experiencing an emergency and need financial assistance in order to afford emergency care.  Eligibility criteria - horse must be experiencing a life threatening emergency, horse must have fair (or better) prognosis for survival if treatment is provided, owner is in need of financial assistance in order to provide care.  Maximum limit per disbursement will apply.                                                                                   Original artwork right: Robin Lansing Juncal, local canine and equine portraiture artist of Edinburg, VA


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