Veterinary Medical Manipulation (VMM) - Dr. Crawford is a graduate of the Integrative Veterinary Medical Institute at the Chi Institute in Reddick, FL, and is Certified Veterinary Medical Manipulation Practitioner, CVMMP (often referred to as "equine chiropractics"). Please see our information page regarding how VMM can help your horse and how to recognize if your horse could benefit from VMM therapy.

Preventative Care
Bi-annual examination of your horse is highly recommended. The spring and fall are great times to take care of vaccination, fecal egg counts (see discussion below), and dental floats. It also allows your veterinarian the chance to assess the overall body condition and health of your horse so that potential problems can be caught early.

Click here for a timeline of recommended vaccines.

Veterinary parasitologists recommend twice yearly fecal egg counts, the results of which determine how often your horse is dewormed. It is simple really - give more dewormer to horses that need it and less to those that don't. Fecal egg counts are quick, cheap, and easy and the samples are usually readily available!
Click here for a timeline of Deworming.

Dr. Crawford received specialized training in veterinary school, dental wetlabs and internship to manage your horse's dental health. You horse should have an oral exam every 6-12 months, with most horse's needing their teeth floated (or the sharp points filed down) about once a year. If your horse is dropping feed, evading the bit, or has foul breath they should have an oral exam performed ASAP.

When your horse is lame, Dr. Crawford can provide a comprehensive assessment through physical exam, gait analysis, flexion tests, and diagnostic nerve blocks. Nerve blocks allow us to localize an area of pain by systematic "blocking" of sensation in peripheral nerves with local anesthestic. Once lameness is localized, radiographs and/or ultrasound images may reveal the cause. Four Star offers the convenience of onsite digital radiographs which provide instant stall side x-rays. With this information a treatment plan that suits the horse's needs and your budget can be designed.

Whether this is your first experience or you're well acquainted with the breeding shed Four Star Equine can help you through the process of assessing your horse's breeding soundness, securing a pregnancy, foaling, and foal care.

Pre-purchase Exam
A new horse is a significant investment, make sure it is a good one by having a pre-purchase examination performed. Your potential horse will be examined from head to tail with special attention to health history, conformation, soundness, suitability, and ocular/cardiac/airway health. Each pre-purchase exam is tailored to your individual needs and the horse's use. Exams can include full radiographs and bloodwork or can be as simple as a thorough physical exam.

Nutrition Consultation
Just as in people, many issues can arise from an unbalanced diet. Horses absolutely need adequate fiber, trace minerals, and vitamins in the proper ratios. If you are concerned about your horse's diet-maybe they are hard keepers or obese or just unthrifty-their diet can be examined. Dr. Crawford can also refer you to nutrition experts that can design a plan specific to your horse's needs